Residency Program in Yaqoot Gallery


Yaqoot Art Centre is a non-commercial artist-run center which holds ten rounds of residency programs each year. Artists will work in studios and workshop spaces in Yaqoot Art Centre, located in Qazvin, Iran. A really stimulating and flexible environment will be provided for artists from all around the world to have new experiences and create new works. This event is also an extraordinary  chance for those group of artists who are looking for growing in recognition, which is of course, beside the advantage of studying on Persian art and culture, a unique opportunity to introduce themselves to the art world in international levels. If you are interested in applying for Yaqoo residency program,click here.
Our gallery is all the time looking for artists from all around the world to participate in the upcoming rounds of our international artists in residency programs. Here, we are to accept your applications anytime of the year. As you could see above in the shots provided, the residency will be in "Yaqoot Art Centre", "Yaqoot Art Gallery", and also "Bazaar Cistern". Yaqoot Art Centre is the name given to the location which is converted to a brilliant opportunity for all resident artists (young, international, or talented artists) whose works are rarely exhibited wishing to display their works ,we have prepared art works exhibition chance in this gallery.
 The gallery space will give you the possibility of exchanging your artistic programs, missions, and methods with international audiences gathered in here including artists, art residency centers' manager, and museum owners. Featuring a rotating program of thought-provoking solo and group exhibitions that reflect the all- encompassing nature of art nowadays. We promise a new method of deeper understanding of local and international artists' works so that with the aims of improving the artistic experiences of us all artists by residency in a historical city with 10,000 years civilization backgrounds, we could make unrepeatable constructive memories. So don’t hesitate participating in this program! Selecting 8-10 artists from all over the world, the residency program will be held for a month from the beginning to the end of each month.
It is inevitable to admire the stunning architecture of our place during the stay. Outside-in you’ll be astonished by this exceptional building, one-of-a-kind in its architectural design. To improve the functionality level, residency periods for different kind of media will be run, including calligraphy, painting, photography, to statue works, music, video, and theatre. The mission of the gallery is to present and support the visual arts in our country and globally, through exhibitions and live artist demonstrations. 

The General Layouts of art residency program 

Themes and Principles: Art Exhibitions, Visual arts, Calligraphy works (classic and modern), Statue works, Painting, Music, Architecture, Movies, photography, and theatre, Art Training Sessions (Islamic Architecture & Literature), Conceptual and Visual Arts, Intercultural Art Exchanges, Sculpture, Open Studios, Tours; exploring Historical, Natural, and Art sites, Workshops and Conferences are welcomed. 
Expenses paid by the Artist: Accommodation , Food, & Travelling.
Expectations of the artist: Presentation, Participation in the open studio and workshops, Project development, Independency in presentation development, Open-mindedness towards the inner-cultural aspects of the residency and tour stays.
Expenses paid by us: Transfer from Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport to our location; Negarestan Art Centre, Touring, Cleaning services, Workshop Area, and Yaqoot Art Gallery Setting, Fine Arts Consulting, Art Classes held in Negarestan Art Centre,  Fulltime hosting, Itinerary/Course Report Guides, Wi-Fi internet free.

Fees, Payment & Refund Policy

What we have provided for artists is two option for their residency which is as follow:
1-    Full Package
·         Pickup from Imam Khomeini International Airport
·         Accommodation place
·         Work space
·         Snack, fruit, and etc.
·         And small group talks with local artists and related artists
·         Three tours including (historical, natural, cultural)
·         Exhibition at the end of the residency period
·         Transfer to the airport at the end 
2-    Usual package
·         Pickup from Imam khomeini International Airport
·         Accommodation place
·         Work space
·         Exhibition at the end of the residency period
·         And small group talks with local artists and related artists
If the artist chooses the full package the fee is 1000€, and if the usual package, the fee is 400€


Those applicants who successfully pass the application process will receive an email. Upon the acceptance of the successful applicant, payment of fees is expected. Reviewing application forms is an ongoing process. Those artists who are not able to attend the program due to illness, personal or professional commitments, should send their cancelation request 20 days before the program's start date, unless no refunds right will be considered for them. A 5-10% reduction in fees is available to those who apply 3-5 months before the starting date of the program.
You will be hosted in Negarestan Fine Arts Center, in one of our six rooms; these vary in size and, according to occupancy you ask for (i.e. a single or a double, one or more),and might be shared if the applicant artists want so,We will do our best and try to give everyone the privacy they need. In case you wish to have close companions (i.e. husband, or wife) along your stay, the valid record is to be presented along with your own application and the fee for him/her is to be paid completely in addition to the artist's own costs. Artists will all share one kitchen. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily at 8 am, 1 pm, and 7 pm, If you miss a meal, snacks such as bread, butter, cheese, fruits, and beverages are available 24 hours a day. You are not individually responsible for your food. If you turned out to be late for eating, then you are responsible for cooking yourself. 


Where you have passed your education or where you have gotten your certification in not the real matter for us, in fact we are looking for the passions, enthusiasts, and techniques that you're growing in your soul for the art world. Check out art programs' deadlines here.
Organization founded in: 2006 
Residency program set up since: 2016



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