May 2018 Open Call 
In this open call, we have two options for artists who apply for the program. The first option is our Full Package which includes the following;

·         Pickup from Imam Khomeini International Airport

·         Accommodation place

·         Workspace

·         Catering (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

·         Snack, fruit, and etc.

·         And small group talks with local artists and related artists

·         Three tours including (historical, natural, cultural)

·         Exhibition at the end of the residency period

·         Transfer to the airport at the end

Our second option for artists is the Usual Package which includes the following;

·         Pickup from Imam Khomeini International Airport

·         Accommodation place

·         Workspace

·         Exhibition at the end of the residency period

·         And small group talks with local artists and related artists 


Full Package fee is 1600€ and Usual Package fee is 900€.

  Those who deposit the money 3-5 month before their time, they will have 5-10 percent discount.

All applicants must fill in the application form and send it to the following E-mail address,

May 2018 Application Form




.در برنامه تبادل فرهنگی ایران و چین، 8 هنرمند از بین همه متقاضیان شرکت در این رویداد، بعد از بررسی رزومه همه هنرمندان انتخاب میگردند و به مرکز اقامت هنری چین معرفی میشوند

.هنرمندان مختلف در تمامی رشته های هنری، میبایست طرح و برنامه کاری خود را برای مدت زمان اقامت هنری در یک الی دو صفحه همراه با رزومه هنری خود به آدرس ایمیل زیر ارسال نمایند

آخرین مهلت ارسال طرح و رزومه : 3 شهریور 96

زمان اعلام نتایج : 9 شهریور 96

مدت اقامت: 9 مهر الی 9 آبان 96

برای کسب اطلاعات بیشتر و هر گونه سوال در خصوص این رویداد، از طریق آدرس ایمیل ذکر شده  پیگیری کنید.




هزینه ها

.کل هزینه لازم برای اقامت یک ماهه هر هنرمند، 710 یورو می باشد

برنامه تبادل هنرمندان(َAIR)، یک برنامه غیر انتفاعی بوده و هیچگونه حامی، تاکنون ندارد و به همین دلیل هنرمندان را ترغیب میکند تا خودشان طرح دریافت حمایت مالی را برای خود مدیریت کنند. اقامت هنری یاقوت، مستند سازی لازم برای هنرمندان منتخب را فراهم میکند

.مسئولیت هزینه سفر، غذا، مواد لازم برای کار هنری و هزینه های شخصی، به عهده خود هنرمند است

.هنرمندان ایرانی، در صورت تمایل میتوانند با خود همراه داشته باشند (همسر، فرزند)، که هزینه اقامت هر همراه 360 یورو میباشد




In this intercultural exchange program between Iran and China, 8 artists will be selected after reviewing all resumes of the applicants, and the selected artists will be introduced to the Untitled Space of China for a one month period.

All artists from different fields of art should send their resumes attached with one page (or two) of their program for the residency time to the following E-mail address.

Deadline: 25th Aug, 2017

Results: 31th Aug, 2017

Residency Duration: 1 – 30th Oct, 2017

For any related question please contact us through the above mentioned E-mail.


About the Program

Iran and China, owner of the two great civilizations in the world, with thousands of years of art and civilization, who have been in an extended and continuous communications and trades, have never had a record of them being in war for a difference in opinions, and this is a witness of their growth in arts and cultural issues which has been a cause of their progressive friendship.

Without a doubt, art, is the mutual language among the whole world with differences in color, language, and culture, which has been and still is, a harbinger of peace and friendship.

In this path and for creating and stabilizing the intercultural communications between two strong in culture and art countries of Iran and China, "Yaqoot Residency" from Iran and "Untitled Space" from China have planned for a mutual art and artists exchange program and will publish it in an Open Call form for artists of the two countries, so that be an improvement in artistic and cultural communications for each party, considering this to be a fresh, and nurturing space toward the improvement of  all sorts of arts and be a bridge in exchanging ideas and artistic views in artistic and cultural society. 


About Untitled Space

Untitled Space is an independent art space founded and run by artists. As the title ‘Untitled’ suggests, they strive to provide creative space and exchange platform for contemporary artists without any restriction and boundary. Untitled Space is dedicated to showcasing contemporary art exhibitions, installs programs that support academic research and providing workshops for the public. In addition, United Space encourages collaboration with the local artists in the context of Chinese contemporary society; where multicultural expression sparks fresh perspectives and ideas.


  Total cost for one month stay in this exchange AIR program is 710 €.

  AIR program is a non-profit program, does not carry any funding or sponsorship program yet, so encourage artists to manage the scholarship application, grants or financial support in their home countries during the application period. Yaqoot Residency will provide the necessary documentation to the selected applicant that so requires.

  The artist is responsible for transportation, food, art material and other personal expenses.


Yaqoot Gallery with collaboration of Yaqoot Residency holds an Islamic Arts training course in calligraphy (Nastaliq).
Yaqoot Gallery is a professional and especial center in Islamic Arts, located in Qazvin as Iran's capital of calligraphy. For the improvement and growth of Islamic Arts worldwide, our gallery holds a professional and practical courses in different field with participation of best masters. In the first period we provide a one month calligraphy (Nastaliq) training course for the enthusiasts in our schedule which includes the following:
Invitation of best masters
Entrance package for trainees (tools, materials and training pamphlets)
Accommodation and catering(breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and fruits)
Tours (historical, cultural, artistic, and natural)  
Inter-program transfers
Masters' and Trainees' artwork exhibition holding 
Workshops and Conferences 
Holding exams, and donating valid certificate of Iran Calligraphers Association 
Identity card and insurance
Conclusion fete 
Outgoing gift and package
The cost for each trainee is 3,500 $, of which, Yaqoot Gallery funds for 2000 $ and the other 1,500 $ should be paid by the trainee. Ticket and visa are the trainee's responsibilities. 
We can only provide this opportunity for 10 trainees in each course. 
The selection of this 10 trainees will only be done by the jury for those who have applied for the course, considering their artistic background.

Find the application form on this link

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